We are

Building Better Medicine.

Our alliance is driven by an immediate and urgent need to create a reliable supply of safe, high-quality, and affordable medicines for all. We are powered by multi-jurisdictional public and private sector stakeholders in the Richmond-Petersburg region working together to define a new era in R&D, advanced pharmaceutical manufacturing, workforce development, and supply chain development.

Our Alliance

We are an alliance, an accelerator, a campus, and a movement that has made the Richmond-Petersburg region in Central Virginia a globally competitive ecosystem for manufacturing critically important medicines within the United States.

About us

What We Do

The Alliance for Building Better Medicine accelerates the growth and success of the industry. In this way, we help firms and researchers reduce the cost of manufacturing pharmaceuticals by employing novel chemical and engineering innovations to improve the way critical medicines are made in the U.S. Leveraging continuous-flow and other advanced manufacturing technologies, we streamline the processes for creating high-quality generic medicines in the U.S. more quickly and less expensively, with significantly lower environmental impact. As an alliance, we power many facets working together to impact the region’s R&D, advanced pharmaceutical manufacturing, workforce development, and supply chain development. The result of our collaboration is clear. The innovation occurring as part of the Alliance’s mission is driving opportunities far beyond chemistry, engineering, and manufacturing systems and processes. Together, we’re creating the social and economic structures and systems for identifying and meeting the needs of all communities.

What Drives Us

Our Vision

To bring this purpose to life, our collective actions are driven by a unifying vision for a healthy, equitable, and globally competitive nation where everyone has safe and secure access to affordable, high-quality medicines that are essential and urgently needed to ensure the health of all communities at home and around the globe.

Our Mission

Driving this vision forward is a clear mission – to serve as the world’s central access point for advanced pharmaceutical manufacturing and R&D where affordable, high-quality medicines are researched, accelerated, and sustainably created in the U.S. from start to finish as part of a new era of health and wellness.

Our Commitment

The Alliance is committed to diversity, equity, inclusion and access (DEIA) and will build on existing opportunities for underserved individuals in the Richmond-Petersburg Region and surrounding rural areas through its implementation of an Equity Action Plan.


How We Serve As a Catalyst for Innovation.


Our alliance is reshoring U.S. pharmaceutical manufacturing and restoring U.S. global competitiveness.


We are replenishing and securing the nation’s supply of medicines essential to the health of all.


We are catalyzing the growth of advanced pharmaceutical manufacturing and R&D, speeding the day when its benefits flow to the nation and world.


We are securing the health of all communities at home and around the globe.


Our alliance is inspiring new technologies that bring the highest-quality medicines to market in record time.


Our movement is creating thousands of high-paying jobs while attracting talent and investment in the region.