About the Alliance

Our Story

Our alliance is driven by an immediate and urgent need to create a reliable supply of safe, high-quality, and affordable medicines for all. As a U.S.-based cluster of advanced pharmaceutical manufacturers and researchers in the Richmond-Petersburg region, we will fix the broken and disconnected supply chain for the most vital medicines that has put the health of our communities at risk. The new and transformative era of health and wellness that we are creating is powered by our advanced manufacturing ecosystem that is producing the world’s most important medicines. Together, we are building resilient and healthy communities, enhancing U.S. global competitiveness while remaining globally compassionate, embracing equitable economic growth, creating well-paying jobs, and sharing our impact with the world. Our alliance is innovative, mission-driven and moves at a rapid pace – because what we do today impacts lives tomorrow.


Ensuring the health of all communities

Our Vision

To bring this purpose to life, our collective actions are driven by a unifying vision for a healthy, equitable, and globally competitive nation where everyone has safe and secure access to affordable, high-quality medicines that are essential and urgently needed to ensure the health of all communities at home and around the globe.

Our Mission

Driving this vision forward is a clear mission – to serve as the world’s central access point for advanced pharmaceutical manufacturing and R&D where affordable, high-quality medicines are researched, accelerated, and sustainably created in the U.S. from start to finish as part of a new era of health and wellness.

How We Serve As a Catalyst for Innovation.

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