Just Impact

The Alliance for Building Better Medicine is reducing the cost of manufacturing pharmaceuticals by employing novel chemical and engineering innovations to improve the way critical medicines are made in the U.S. Leveraging continuous-flow and other advanced manufacturing technologies, we streamline the processes for creating high-quality generic medicines in the U.S. more quickly and less expensively, with significantly lower environmental impact. As an alliance, we power a globally competitive ecosystem with many facets all working together to impact the region’s R&D, advanced pharmaceutical manufacturing, workforce development, and supply chain development. The results of our work are clear. We are:


Our alliance is reshoring U.S. pharmaceutical manufacturing and restoring U.S. global competitiveness.


We are replenishing and securing the nation’s supply of medicines essential to the health of all.


We are catalyzing the growth of advanced pharmaceutical manufacturing and R&D, speeding the day when its benefits flow to the nation and world.


Our movement is creating thousands of high-paying jobs while attracting talent and investment in the region.


We are securing the health of all communities at home and around the globe.


Our alliance is inspiring new technologies that bring the highest-quality medicines to market in record time.

Why This Matters Now

“This is a critical win for the region and an important next step in the work to revolutionize how pharmaceuticals are made here in the U.S.”

— Jennifer Wakefield
President and CEO of the Greater Richmond Partnership

“Advanced manufacturing is a longstanding target industry in Petersburg and we are proud that essential ingredients for medicines are again ‘Made in the USA’ — creating reshoring opportunities for American workers.”

— Keith Boswell
President & CEO of Virginia’s Gateway Region Economic Development Organization

“Richmond is proud to be a home to this growing industry that will positively impact the health and economic future of many people.”

— Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney

“Work can now move forward in workforce training, developing the infrastructure and other tools needed that will ensure this critical industry is successful in Virginia.”

— Petersburg Mayor and Vice-Chair of the Crater Planning District Commission, Sam Parham

This is a movement. Ready to be a part of it?

What we do today will result in a healthy, secure, and equitable future tomorrow. Help us create an uninterrupted supply of essential medicines, create jobs, and build future talent.