Virginia’s New Economic Engine: An Affordable Drug Hub

Jun 17, 2022In the News

“Virginia Commonwealth has played a central role in applying for grants and planning to build the new drug hub, creating the Alliance for Building Better Medicine, talking with local leaders and drafting a 180-page plan. Jeff Gallagher is executive director of the alliance which launched quickly in the midst of the pandemic. “On four days’ notice we could get 25 important people on a Zoom call, and we just marched through on workforce, on infrastructure, all sorts of things,” he recalls. “What do we need? How could the community come together to really support this the best? One key goal was to ensure that area residents benefit from what’s about to happen. Chandra Briggman is President and CEO of Activation Capital, a non-profit founded to promote innovation in Virginia, to grow the number of science and tech companies here and to run a large biotech park in Richmond.” Read More